A man of smiles (นภ  พรชำนิ)
Ai Wa Katsu (Kan)
Almost (Jessica)
Amethyst (X-Japan)
Anak (Freddie Aguilar)
Aroma (บี Crescendo)
A Time for us
Angel (Sarah)
Autumn Leaves
Avenue (วัชราวลี)
A Groove kind of love (Phil Colin)
A Thousand Years (Christina Perrir) Ost. twilight breaking dawn

Back In Time (Lyn) Ost.The Moon That Embraces the sun
Baby I Miss You (แคทรียา)
Bad (Micheal Jackson)
Believe (ธงไชย)
Beautiful as you (Jim)
Beautiful Sunday (Daniel Boone)
Because you loved me (Celine Dion)
Bella’s Lullaby (Twilight)
Born To Be Wild (Stepenwolf)
Born this way (Lady Gaga)
Bring me to life (Evanescence)
By Myself (จามอง)

Can you feel the love tonight (Eton John)
Can’t help falling in love
Can’t Smile without you (Barry)
Can’t take my eyes off of you (Bob)
Canon in D (Pachelbel)
Canon in F (Life House)
Canon (โต๋ ศักดิ์สิทธิ์)
Close to you (Capenter)
Close Your Eyes

Corazón espinado Maná (Santana)

Destiny  (อ๊อฟ)
Dog (Acappella 7) 
Doremon (Theme)

Endless Love (The Myth)
Endless Rain (X-Japan)
Eternal Frame (Clark)
Epilogue (กอล์ฟ&ไมค์)
Every Day (โต๋)
Eye on me (Final Fantasy)

Feel Good (Dtac)
First Love (Utada Hikaru)
Friend (โอม ชาตรี)
Friendship Forever (Nice to meet you)
Flightless Bird (Twilight)
Fly me to the moon
Find the way (Mika)


Gangnam Style (PSY)
Gido (Autumn in my heart)
Gipsy Moon (Les Allen)
Gloria (โต๋ ศักดิ์สิทธิ์)
Good Day (IU)
Goodbye (Air Supply)

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday (G- JR)
Have I Told you Lately (Rod Stewart)
He’s pirate (Ost. Pirate of The Carribean)
Home (บอยด์)
Home (ปั่น)
Home (Michale Buble)
Hula Hula (2005 ทิวา)

I have to say i love you (Jim)
I Love You (Taeyeon) Ost.Athena
I need somebody (บี้ )
I think I (แคทรียา)
If we hold on together
Imagine (John Lennon)
It might be you (Tootsie)
It must be love (Madness)
I’m Sorry (วง AB NORMAL)
Iydpnopy (ปั่น)

Jason (Coco Lee)
Joyfulness (โต๋)
Jigsaw (วง Skylaxy)
Just say good night (เป๊ก)
Just Once (James Ingram)
Jingle bells
Joyfulness (โต๋)

Kazamidori (Depapepe)
Kiss Me (M2M)
Kiss The Rain (Yurima)
Kokoro no Tamago (Buono)

Lemon Tree (Fool’s Garden)
Little brown jug
Live and Learn (กมลา)
LG-500 (โต๋) โฆษณา LG-500
Look Like Love (บี้)
Love is over (เพลงญี่ปุ่น)
Love me tender (Elvis Presley)
Lover Story (วง Peace Maker)
Love Love (โฟร์ มด)
Lover’s Cocerto (Kelly Chen)
Lover’s Tears (Tsai Chin)
Lovin’ You (Minnie Riperton)
Lucky (Jason Mraz)

Maboy (Sistar19)
Messenger (ปราโมทย์)
Minuet & canon (Tor)
Miss Call (Senorita)
Miss You (อาร์ & บี้ THESTAR)
Moon River
Move like Jagge (Maroon 5)
My Girlfriend (มอส)
My Heart will go on (Celine Dion) Ost.Titanic

New Born (Muse)
North Str (ป๊อบ First Stage)
Nobody (Wonder Girl)

O.K. นะคะ (แคทริยา อิงลิช)
Out ใจ (วง So Cool)
One Night in Puket (เต็น)
Only You (หนูนา หนึ่งธิดา)
Only selfless love (Jamie Rivera)
Ooh (ปาล์มมี่)
One Moment in time (Whitney)

Perhaps Love (โรส&ไอซ์ )
Price Tag (Jessie J)

Que sera sera (โฆษณาไทยประกันชีวิต)


Rhythm of Love (Plain White)
Reason (Autumn in my heart)
Red Bean (Faye Wong)
Rolling In The Deep (Adele)


Sakura no Ame (Hatsune Miku)
Secret (Ost.The Secret)
Second Chance (Singula)
Shape of my heart (back street boy)
Shower me with your love (Surface)
Smile (Kyuhyun) เปียโนตัวเลข
Silent Jealosy (X Japan)
Silent Night
Speak softly love (The God Father)
Spring (Joe)
Sassy Girl (วง  Potato)
Share (potato)
Some Other Day (Singular)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole)
Someone (บี้)
Soul Mate (Play ground)
Star War (Main Theme)
Start (Depapepe)
Stay (ปาล์มมี่)
Stigma (Slave Hunter)
Sha La La (Full House)
Super Mario Bros (Theme)

Tell Your World (Hatsune Miku)
The day you went away (M2M)
The Funeral (Band of horses)
The Melody รักทำนองนี้ (แดน)
The River of No Return (Marilyn Monroe)
The Show (Lenka)
The world as i see it (Jason Marz)
Thinking of you (บี้ สุกฤษฏิ์)
Tian Mi Mi (Theresa)
Tong Hua (Guang)
Tonight I celebrate my love for you (Peabo & Roberta Flack)
Trouble is a friend (Lenka)
Tick Tock (ปาล์มมี่)Too much so much very much (เบิร์ด)
Turning Page (Sleeping at Last) Ost.Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Unlovable (Mild)
Underneath your clothes (Shakira)
Up on the roof (Carole King & James)

Venus (วง Crescendo)
Viva La Vida (Coldplay) 

Waltz in A mojor (โต๋)
Wedding Bell (Depapepe) 
What are words (Chris Medina)
When I ‘m Feeling blue (โรส)
When I fall in love (แมทริว)
When The Saint Go Marching In
When We Make A Home (Sadao)
Would You Please (AOF)
Whatever Whenever (เกลือ กิตติ Feat.ชิน)
When You Say Nothing At All (Ronan Keating)
When you’re gone (Avril)
When you wish upon a star (Billy Joel)
Without saying (You’re beautiful)
Will you marry me (Potato)
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (โต๋ ศักดิ์สิทธิ์)
We wish you a merry christmas

You Are So Beautiful (Joe Cocker)
You and Me (Life House)
You Know I do (ป๊อบ CALORIES)
You make me feel my love (Adele)
You (Mike)
You raise me up (Brendan Graham)
You’re My Everything (Santa Esmeralda)

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